Fortnite 3: Becoming a Master

Fortnite Tips for Getting Better Overall


Amber Ruble, Contributor

Now that the basic offense and defense tips have been covered, I’m going to talk about any other things that are important to keep in mind.

Q: What should I keep in mind when playing duos or squads?
A: When playing in duos and squads, I recommend beginners, or anyone for that matter, to have a mic to communicate with their team. That way it makes it easier to warn their team about attackers and ask for or give away needed supplies. I would also recommend that they stick with their team. If a team member gets knocked, it’s up to the other player(s) to revive them. Splitting up would cause them to be up against teams of 2-4 people while they’re solo.

Q: If I want to survive without worrying about if I get kills or not, what are some of the best places to hide?
A: Most people just tend to hide in a build they’ve made, but personally I find that too obvious. If someone sees a build out in the open they will most likely attack. However, that does not mean a build is a good idea indoors. When I first started playing and knew the basics of building, I went inside the house at Lazy Links. Since the house was so tall, I built a ramp to the ceiling, made a floor, 4 walls, and a door. Then, I broke the ramp I used to get up, crouched down in this small room, and watched out the windows. Someone ended up coming inside the house and saw my build; so they snuck behind me and shot me. Therefore, indoor builds aren’t such a good idea either. However, there is a way to hide indoors without having to build. All a player would have to find is a spike trap and a room with no windows. Then, they go inside and put the spike trap on the ceiling right next to the door, making sure they are well hidden and can’t be seen through the door. To make this even more interesting, find a scar, rocket launcher, or anything else other players might be dying to have. Set it right in front of the door to lure other players into this trap. Once they walk in, the spikes will most likely knock them. This way it’s easy to finish them off; because when a player is knocked, all they can do is crawl.

Once, I was in a duo game with a friend of mine and there was a spike trap someone had set directly in front of a door. My friend told me not to step in the room, but he was too late. All I did was take one step in the room and I was knocked. That’s how well a spike trap can sense a player beneath it. However, there may be a case when a player cannot find a spike trap. In this case, bushes are their friends. Most players don’t think to check bushes, and that’s what makes them such a good hiding place. But some bushes are too short to hide in, so they should be careful about which one they choose. If they’re lucky, they’ll find a bush. Yes, there are bushes they can wear and move with. I wore one once and it ended up getting me to second place. There is a downside to them, though. Even the tiniest bit of damage a player takes destroys the entire bush.

Q: What is overall the most important thing to know when playing Fortnite?
A: The answer to this question can differ for any Fortnite player, but here is what those same two local high school students had to say. Sophomore Joseph Silberberg listed two main points, saying, “Like I said, having the high ground is key when in combat. So some important knowledge to have is knowing how to get above the player you are fighting. The most important thing for a beginner to know is to keep trying to get better no matter what.” Junior Johnathan Spurlin restated Silberberg’s first point, simply saying, “Always build up first, then shoot.”

I find both of them to be correct, but I don’t find either of those points to be the most important. I think the most important thing to know when playing Fortnite is to always listen to your surroundings. Listen for any shots, footsteps, deploying gliders, rifts, etc. If it’s far away, it’s up to the player whether they engage in battle, escape without being seen or heard, or staying hidden where they are. If it’s close, engaging may be their best bet, unless they’re up against a squad or duo and they don’t want to risk getting killed. If that’s the case and they’re inside a building, they should stop where they are, crouch down, get their gun out, and be ready to shoot. However, if they’re out in the open, they should crouch down and either try finding a bush or sneaking away.

That’s all the advice I have for any Fortnite beginners. If they keep all this in mind, soon they’ll get better, just like I have. All it takes is practice, and as long as they never give up, they’ll be a master soon enough. They just need to take it step-by-step and know that it’s ok if they’re progressing slower than others. All beginners are different.