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The Jacket is an online newspaper for Lebanon High School. From sports to social issues, we cover a range of topics buzzing around school. Students can find stories ranging from current events to retrospectives. Everyone can find what they like here! For more information about our staff, please look on the Staff page.

Opinions: a Disclaimer and a Reminder

We here at The Jacket strive to remain impartial in our news reporting. That being said, articles under the Opinion subheading are just that; they do not represent the opinions of The Jacket staff and should be considered the opinion of the contributor. If those of you reading those article have a dissenting opinion or wish to offer your unique perspective on an issue of importance to the LHS community, you are more than welcome to submit a letter representing your perspective, with the caveat that your dialogue must remain cordial, respectful and constructive. We know that no one opinion will represent the entirety of the student body at LHS. Therefore, we hope that the “Opinion” will be a tool for facilitating conversations and navigating the confusing world and times in which we live. We hope that The Jacket news site can be a place where everyone at Lebanon High School can gather to educate themselves about the goings-on in our community and world.


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